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« The Advanced Economics Track offers coherent and thorough training in economics to the highest international standards. Its main goal is to prepare students for top-level careers in research, as well as national, European, and international public institutions. With 100% of courses taught in English, the program provides solid foundations in microeconomics, macroeconomics, maths/optimization, statistics as well as econometrics, and apply them to major economic and social issues. »

Laurent SIMULA, Professor of Economics and Educational Manager of the Master "Advanced Economics"


  • Good knowledge in microeconomics, macroeconomics, optimization, statistics and econometrics

  • Good command of analysis methods in public economics 

  • Research methodology in Economic and Social sciences

  • Understanding of the world of economic research

  • Disciplinary openness thanks to a wide range of courses accessible on registration: Machine Learning, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy ...

The main assets of the academic program

  • Students are trained using research methods

  • International environment and goals (courses taught in english, international lecturers and events…)

  • Personalised follow-up (limited number of students, adapted advice to the goals of each student…)

  • Stimulating environment (educational collaboration among many universities and with the highest international institutions and international prestigious universities…)

  • Faculty members specialized in diverse areas of the economics

  • Praticioners who teach in their field of speciality (examples : Céline TCHENG, Banking Supervisor at the European Central Bank ; Marc CLEMENT, "Président de Chambre" at the Administrative Court of Lyon)

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